Seven Seventeen Building

  • Owner

    Seven Seventeen Investors, LLC
  • Use

    Mixed Office, Residential
  • Location

    Tacoma, WA
  • Size

    22,00 sq ft
  • Design Professional

    Helix Design Group
    Artifact Consulting

The 717 Building in an adaptive renovation of the historic C.O. Lynn Funeral Home into a mixed office and residential income property. It has been placed on the Tacoma, Washington State and National Registers of Historic Places.

The building features office space on Tacoma Avenue, Court E, and an upper floor with two spacious, luxury apartments.

Exterior upgrades included flat roof replacement, cleaning masonry, repainting, and extensive window restoration. Parking lots were modified to provide additional parking. Landscaping was replaced.

Inside, the existing apartments were completely restored including new kitchen and bathroom cabinetry, appliances and fixtures, while preserving historical context with touches such as light fixtures and door hardware.

The commercial floors underwent complete reconfiguration including new electrical and HVAC systems while preserving historic molding, plasterwork, and glass door hardware. The Court E level is home to the Crystal Judson Family Justice Center.

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