Parr Volkswagen-Hyundai

  • Owner

    Parr Volkswagen-Hyundai
  • Use

  • Location

    Bremerton, WA
  • Size

    21,808 sf
  • Design Professional

    BCRA Design

The renovation of this dealership was designed to meet the standards of the manufacturer as well as the ongoing operational needs of the business. The project was constructed in 6 phases to allow both sales and service to remain open during construction. The phasing plan was developed by Mountain Construction with input from each individual department head. The plan served as a communication tool to designate construction zones and route the public throughout the project. It was also used to communicate with the City of Bremerton so that each phase could be occupied once completed.

The project included an addition to the existing body shop and a new paved upper parking lot to store inventory. New irrigation and landscape were also added to complete the project.

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