Griot’s Garage

  • Owner

    Muira, LLC
  • Use

    Office, Retail, Warehouse
  • Location

    Tacoma, WA
  • Size

    45,125 sf
  • Design Professional

    Helix Design Group
    PCS Structural Solutions
    Petra Engineering

Griot’s Garage offered their first catalog of care-care products in 1990. Today, Griot’s products are preferred by car enthusiasts and automobile museums nationwide.

Founder Richard Griot purchased a dilapidated former Coca Cola bottling plant with a vision of transforming it into their corporate center, flagship retail store and the ultimate car-enthusiast playground for weekend car shows and other events.

The fantastic art decor/fifties showroom is filled with unique car-theme details and is built to the exacting quality standards expected by Griot’s Garage and their customers.

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