A Way of Life, Not a "Program"

At Mountain Construction, quality is a matter of pride and key to our continued success. As a private sector contractor, we are entirely dependent on referrals and repeat business. To achieve consistently high quality work, we follow these practices:

  • In preparing estimates, we consider only methods and materials which are appropriate for the project and which fit its purpose.
  • We utilize only pre-qualified subcontractors with a track record of delivering the quality required.
  • Our field superintendents are day-to-day quality assurance officers, our management the periodic inspectors, and we all take to heart any and all comments offered by the project team to benefit the final product.
  • Our craft workforce are long term employees. They know and take pride in delivering the quality we expect and keep an eye on everything happening on the site.
  • Finally, if something is found to be out of compliance or “just doesn’t seem right”, we fix it. Period.
  • Beyond the standard warranty, each project is part of our portfolio and each client is one of our references. We intend to make sure our clients are satisfied for a long time to come.